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内容摘要:China’s CCTV surveillance network took just 7 minutes to capture BBC reporter网络仅用了7分钟就“捕获”了BBC记者It took Chinese authorities just seven minut...

China’s CCTV surveillance network took just 7 minutes to capture BBC reporter


It took Chinese authorities just seven minutes to locate and apprehend BBC reporter John Sudworth using its powerful network of CCTV camera and facial recognition technology.

中国利用其强大的闭路电视摄像头和面部识别技术花了7分钟就定位并“逮捕”了BBC记者John Sudworth。

This wasn’t a case of a member of the media being forcibly removed from the country. The chase was a stunt set up to illustrate just how powerful and effective the Chinese government’s surveillance system can be. It’s a stark example of the type of monitoring that China has invested heavily in over recent years with the aim of helping police do their job more efficiently.


Such systems are also used in private organizations, for example to monitor workers and processes in factories, but government critics have warned of the potential for abuse in the hands of the state.


China has the largest monitoring system in the world. There are some 170 million CCTV cameras across the country, and that’s tipped to grow more than three-fold with 400 million more set to be installed by 2020.


Beyond the sheer numbers of lookout points, China is harvesting information with a new-found focus on intelligence. The government also works with facial recognition and AI companies, such as unicorn Face++, which can pour through data to extract meaningful information such as faces, ages, registration plates and more.

除了大量的监控点,中国还在收集信息,并将注意力集中在情报上。政府还与面部识别和人工智能公司合作,比如“unicorn Face++”,它可以通过数据来提取面部、年龄、号码等有意义的信息。

The full video of Sudworth’s ‘capture’ is on the BBC website, with a snippet is below — hat-tip The Next Web.


Avery Solco

Albert Saint-Yves · Geneva, Switzerland
If this could counter terrorism and save innocent lives, this is cool.
I don't care if i am tracked by cctv, i am not a criminal, i am a very straight person and i am nobody....


Mikel Martin
A government with this kind of power will surely abuse it. Your not a criminal but what happens when the government decides to use this monitoring capabilities to make sure you aren't saying "bad things" about your leaders? Or decides that one of your friends is threat and therefore you are to because they can see you hang out together.
Anyone not afraid of a government having this much control hasn't studied much history.


William Chak · University of Illinois at Chicago
Mikel Martin if you are so afraid of exposing your privacy, you should not be using Facebook and any other social media. NSA is also listening in what you are saying when you are talking on your phone

Mikel Martin,如果你害怕暴露你的隐私,你就不应该使用Facebook和任何其他社交媒体。美国国家安全局也在监听你的通话内容。

Miha Jereb
Such a naive thinking.


Tom Cod
with all the gang violence in my city we need this system


Klaus Ontheroadagain · Shanghai, China
you may fix one problem with it, but wait we will for sure create an other problem and then you are the bad guy. The Nazis did the same


Devon White
freedom is more important than safety. don't get shot.


Claudio Diaz · IBO - Entrepreneur at Amway US
Klausjp Ontheroadagain , i prefer the other problem

Klausjp Ontheroadagain,我更喜欢另一个问题

Devon White
This article makes it seem like China "captured" and apprehended a BBC reporter. This was a coordinated demonstration between the reporter and China's system to demonstrate it. What dishonest fearmongering reporting.


Rob Perry
it was very clear fromm the second paragraph that what you claim is not true


Devon White
Title: "capture BBC reporter".
First sentence: "It took Chinese authorities just seven minutes to locate and apprehend BBC reporter John Sudworth".
Then hidden in the middle of the article says it's all a coordinated setup. This is complete bullshit "news", and you need to stop defending it.
第一句:“中国当局仅花了7分钟就找到并逮捕了BBC记者John Sudworth。”

Shane Rooney
There are 3 main types of people who read the news.
1) Those who read only the headline and first paragraph.
2) Those who read the entire article.
3) Those who read the entire article, and then seek out other related articles.

The vast majority of people being in the first category. Thus to hide critical information half way down an article is Yellow Journalism. (and if you don’t know what Yellow Journalism is, the short answer is that it is a bad thing.)

绝大多数人都是第一类人。因此,在一篇文章中隐藏关键信息是黄色新闻。【译者:别想歪,不是那个黄色新闻,Yellow Journalism是指使用大字号煽情标题,对新闻加以渲染夸张,就是我们常说的标题党】

Benjamin Ley · San Jose, California
That's not all... when the Chinese arrest muslim terrorist its is reported as religious repression. When we do the same it is seen as protecting our freedoms.


Scottius Maximus · Anchorage, Alaska
Benjamin Ley ... apprehending a terrorist who is taking innocent lives is a noble endeavor. I don't like these security cameras in any way shape manner or form and I want them gone I would rather have freedom than safety.

Benjamin Ley ... 逮捕一个伤害无辜生命的恐怖分子是一项高尚的努力。我不喜欢任何这些安装摄像监控的形式,我希望它们消失,我宁愿拥有自由而不愿安全。

Richard Wei · Works at Yes. I have been employed before.
Facial recognition is phony garbage. Why didn't the Chinese attempt to locate a typical Chinese citizen instead of an overweight, bald, blue-eyed, white guy? Because even the most advanced systems couldn't pick the same guy out of Fenwick, Connecticut, population 43.


Owen Miller · Lead Engineer at Bevrly
Computer vision will continue improving if we stick with it. RFID is never going to get any more appealing.


Richard Wei · Works at Yes. I have been employed before.
Owen Miller The problem isn't the hardware or the software. If you asked a thousand people to identify Obama on security camera footage at a futbol stadium in South Africa (during World Cup), I doubt that 10 people would succeed.

Owen Miller,问题不在于硬件或软件。如果你让1000人在南非futbol体育场(世界杯期间)的安保镜头中辨认出奥巴马,我怀疑有没有10个人能成功。

Scott Passmore ·
"Those who would trade essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither"
--Benjamin Franklin


Scott Passmore
No need the US and UK system is still more advance

Joyce Hardy Hardy · Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)
Still want to visit Chins or go to the Olympics in China???

Okay, every photo taken on an Android is going through an automated face recognition by Google. Go to Google Photos on your android and then open Albums, and then open the Album called People. You will see classification of all faces of people that show up frequently on your photos and on which photos they showed up. This system can be used for vast survalience of billions of people.
Same happens to every photo on Facebook. Who knows what Apple do. So this surveillance thingy from China is nothing new



Martin Seebach Wow, thank you for opening a line of thought. Skeers the snot outta me. Thx. ,哇,谢谢你开了一个思路。不让我离开。谢谢

Anirban Banerji · Photographer at Phoarman Fine Art Photography
India will take 7 days :)

印度得要7天时间 :)

Scottius Maximus · Anchorage, Alaska
I find it funny that most of you are celebrating this technology and not looking at the fact that it could and likely will leave corrupt government organizations intact and disempower citizens throughout the world. This is the beginning of the tyranny that could destroy the hope of freedom.


Phoenix Gatrell
Then why child kidnapping and human traffiking still exist in China?


Jim Colet
Yeah! Good comment Phoenix. I wonder, does the govt. really care about kidnapping and human traffiking of the average citizen? If it's some important govt. official, they'd be on it like a cat pouncing on a mouse.

Phoenix,你评论的很好,我想知道,政府是否真的关心绑架案和普通公民的人权? 如果是重要政府官员被绑架,他们会像猫扑向老鼠一样。

James Van Hise · Yucca Valley, California
Britain also has CCTV in its major cities. British TV shows sometimes incorporate the use of CCTV in crime shows as they point out that what the cameras capture is saved so they can go back and view footage near where a crime took place. The US doesn't have this and in fact people panic over the idea of drones with cameras "spying" on them. Since the drones can only view what is outdoors I don't know what people are afraid of.


Raymond Schep
The bad news is that the super- rich who own all the banks and weapons factories are actually promoting terrorism so the they can sell weapons and arms to the military. They control the government. Their main interest is to keep track and suppress anyone that poses a threat to them like John Lennon with his worldwide peace and antiwar activity. And Y 'all know what happened to John Lennon. You are all damn right this is a damn threat to peace and freedom not to terrorists.


Anthony Caudill · Hamilton, Ohio
Monitoring workers...?


William E. McNamara Jr. · Victor Valley College
Is this story supposed to make us want Chicom-style surveillance in our cities and towns?

这个故事是否会让我们想要在我们的城市和城镇中进行类似于中共式的监视? 【Chicom,中共的,中共分子】

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